G9Y CQWW CW 2017

where to begin…

About a month or so ago I started to build/fix my station up for CQWW CW. And with the limited time I have around college and work, It was right up to the wire. Pre contest everything was going well. I had all but 1 antenna up. All extra coax runs laid out and I was in high spirits.

However, about 6 hours before the contest, Me and 2 others were lifting up the 80m 1/4 wave, when it slipped beyond saving. This vertical is made from 10m of Scaffolding and a 10m fishing type pole. It’s safe to say the top half is now in close to a million pieces across the garden. Luckily no one was hurt!

Trying to find another way, I came to the conclusion that nothing would get done in the dark on my own, so the first night i spent on 40m alone. Then in the morning between 40 going quiet and 20 getting busy i quickly chucked up a spider pole 1/4 wave for 80.

Anyway, this year on 20,15 and 10 I had 2 antennas running Via a stack match. First time I have done this. And I have to say I was pleased with the results. With a 200-300 Q total increase on 20m compared to other big contests. and a significant number more USA on 15. Not a dickie bird on 10.

40m gave some reasonable runs on the first night, and 20 was good to europe for the whole time. However I seemed to lack a number of NA Q’s on 20m. Not sure weather conditions or something I wasn’t doing but they just weren’t there. The only real Run into the US was 110 Q’s on 15m in around an hour when I got going.

The second night I had 80m too. So off I went. high noise is a problem on 80. Not as high as most but I have S5 noise on that band, whereas on others the S meter doesn’t move at all. So I made about 300 Q’d total on that band.The second day of the contest was much the same. With No real runs to the US and 15 didn’t open as well as the Saturday but was workable for European mults.

In the end my score was as follows:



Kenwood TS590SG & Ameritron AL572,

Hexbeam @ 12m & Hexbeam 40m add on @13m

A3s @12m

80m 1/4 Vertical with elevated radials

Array solutions stack match


Logged with Wintest

I had to borrow some equipment for this contest. So I’d like to thank all who contributed to my success and personal best contest from home! You know who you are!

Until the Next contest, 73

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Jamie Williams