Operating Portfolio

This is where I will display the biggest activities that I have taken part in. DXpeditions and Contests mostly, but also some other time’s I feel I have excelled myself as an amateur radio operator. If I have directed you here to see my operating background I hope you find everything you wanted to see, and hopefully I’ll see you and your Team in the future. If by chance you stumbled across my page I am very grateful for all consideration in joining your contest or DXpedition group!

  • CQWPX SSB PJ4V Multi-Two High power – 5653 Q’s , 26.2 Mil points
  • CQWW CW G9Y SOAB HP  -  1662 Q’s 800k Points
  • CQWW SSB M6T M/M  -  14.5 Mio Points
  • IOTA G5W EU005 M/1  -  Category winners
  • IARU HF Championship  -  GR2HQ 40m CW team
  • CQ WPX CW G9Y SOAB HP  -  986 Q’s 1.15 Mil points
  • ARRL DX SSB M/1  -  G5W second op 2E0NCN
  • YOTA Month G5W station GB16YOTA, 2k Q’s 24h
  • CQWW SSB M6T M/M 7612 Q’s 7mil Points
  • IOTA MM0EAX station EU009 MS0YHC 2nd in Category
  • IARU HF Championship GR2HQ 15m SSB team
  • CQ WPX SSB SOSB 40m LP 336 Qs 216k Points
  • CQWW SSB SOSB 40m LP 338 QSO's 25k Points.
  • RSGB Youth DXpedition First Steps