Operating Portfolio

This is where I will display the biggest activities that I have taken part in. DXpeditions and Contests mostly, but also some other time’s I feel I have excelled myself as an amateur radio operator. If I have directed you here to see my operating background I hope you find everything you wanted to see, and hopefully I’ll see you and your Team in the future. If by chance you stumbled across my page I am very grateful for all consideration in joining your contest or DXpedition group!





CQWW CW  G9Y                                                                     SOAB HP 1662 Q’s 800k Points

CQWW SSB M6T M/M                                                         14.5 Mio Points

IOTA G5W EU005   M/1                                                       Category winners

IARU HF Championship                                                       GR2HQ 40m CW team

CQ WPX CW                                                                             G9Y SOAB HP 986 Q’s 1.15 Mio points

ARRL DX SSB M/1                                                                  G5W second op 2E0NCN


YOTA Month G5W station                                                     GB16YOTA, 2k Q’s 24h

CQWW SSB M6T M/M                                                           7612 Q’s 7mio Points

IOTA MM0EAX station EU009                                            MS0YHC 2nd in Category

IARU HF Championship                                                        GR2HQ 15m SSB team

CQ WPX SSB                                                                             SOSB 40m LP 336 Qs 216k Points


CQWW SSB 40m SOSB LP                                                     334 Qs 25k points

RSGB Youth DXpedition MC0RYC                                       First steps