QSL Instructions

Note: IRC’s and Stamps cannot be used as return postage. Any cards received with IRC’s or Stamps will be returned Via Bureau.

Please send your QSL(s) to:
Mr Jamie Williams M0SDV
41 Overton Lane
Staffordshire, WS7 0LQ
When QSLing Always consider OQRS! This save’s on time, money and paper!
1 to 2 QSL’s by OQRS £2 GBP or $2 USD Postal Mail (STRICTLY NO IRC’s)

      Multi QSL for payment info only Email Jamie@M0SDV.com
2 to 4 QSL’s by Paypal $4 USD EMAIL ME LIST OF QSO or $3 USD Postal Mail
5 to 10 QSL’s by Paypal $5 USD  EMAIL ME LIST OF QSO  or $4 USD Postal Mail
BUSTED CALL? Email Jamie@M0SDV.com
When requesting Via the bureau please do NOT send me your card. Please use OQRS
  1. Please use OQRS, It speeds up the process, Makes my job easier and saves on wastage
  2. No Bureau is free! Sending cards Via the Bureau incurs alot of costs. Please Use OQRS!


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Thank you!